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SushiFork of Tulsa

We are on the lookout for great franchise partners and Area Representatives (you can own an entire state, just ask us how!) to help spread the SushiFork movement around the world!

If you would like to learn what all the fuss is about, please take a peek at the information below and then complete our super easy form. No, really, it’s easy.

Our Support Center is Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the sushi capital of the world…well, at least the fork-eating sushi capital of the world.

SushiFork of Tulsa

SushiFork of Tulsa
What is the Typical Store Size?
In keeping with the theme of not being typical, there is no such thing as a typical size store. However, we think it is best that your rent is not outrageous, but you also have some room to turn around if need be. Let’s say 1,000 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft. We’re sure there will be some larger and some smaller, but again, it will all be based upon location and available real estate.
SushiFork of Tulsa
What are We Looking for in a Franchisee Partner?
The same thing you are looking for in a Franchisor! Honesty and integrity. Willingness to listen and learn. Driven. Passionate. Service-oriented. Team player. Smart. Mix in a fun sense of humor and you’ve got a deal!
Do I need to be involved in the day to day operations?
Well, statistics say you will fare better if you are. Having said that, it is our overwhelming objective to make SushiFork as easy to run as possible. So if we do our job well, you won’t have to be as involved if you don’t want to be. In fact, you can then go open another SushiFork store…..or five.
SushiFork of Tulsa
What Exactly are Area Representatives?
These are the Big Shots! They understand a good thing when they see it. Area Developers are like mini franchisors. Typically, they purchase the rights to a state (or states, if they’re really Big Shots) and act as the franchisor to any franchisee partner that wants to open in their territory. They then participate in the franchise fees and royalties of these stores in exchange for helping us support and train the franchisee partners, as well as assist us in marketing and promoting the brand. Our selection process is a bit tougher for Area Representatives, as they can have a major impact on the overall continued success of our brand. Ask us about it and let’s see if you have what it takes!
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What does the Franchise System include?
Everything and the three compartment sink. Our 50 total years of restaurant, franchising and business experience. Our cool name and logo. Our sushi chef (sorry, you can only borrow him). Real Estate site selection and negotiation. Architectural design assistance. Construction/Build-out consultation. A world-class training program and on-site opening and ongoing support. Operational expertise and daily P&L analysis. Access to all of our operating manuals, management systems, employee policies and procedures. Negotiated prices with food and supplies vendors. Our unpretentious menu and recipes. And a second family!
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Isn’t sushi difficult to prepare and require a highly-paid sushi chef?
With the help of our sushi chef, we have developed a simplified and consistent system that allows someone with no experience the ability to provide high quality and fast sushi every time, without sacrificing presentation, freshness, quality or taste. Just hang with us and we’ll have you rolling like a pro in no time.
SushiFork of Tulsa Money
So, how much cash will it set me back?
We’ve seen those franchise models that try to break the franchisee. Shoot, we’ve even been taken by a few of them. Not this one! We want you to make a killing and tell all your friends to join the SushiFork movement. There are, unfortunately, some upfront costs. Depending on the size of your restaurant and your location, the total investment will be somewhere between $190,500 and $505,000, which includes everything plus some operating capital to get started. We’ll do everything we can to keep you on the lower side!
SushiFork of Tulsa Royalties
What are the Royalties?
Yep, unfortunately again, a percentage of your sales comes back to us in exchange for our support, training, buying expertise, research & development, marketing assistance, operational help, brand development and all those other things that we do to ensure your success. We’re not greedy, though. They are 6% of sales. We will strive everyday to earn every bit of it and then some.
SushiFork of Tulsa money
What is the Franchise Fee?
This one is easy, $32,000. This fee is the same for everyone and is per location. This fee is included in the total investment numbers above.
What is the Contract Term Length?
If we are lucky enough to choose each other, we want the partnership to last. We also don’t want you to have to pay another “renewal fee” like most franchisors charge after 10 years. How about this: we’ll make it for 20 years. Saddle up and settle in!
SushiFork of Tulsa map
What territories are available?
Right now, most of them. Pretty soon, not so many.
SushiFork of Tulsa
Am I going to make a fortune?
Whoa, slow down there! We sure hope so, but the FTC and many state regulations specifically restrict us from providing profit projections. In addition, there are so many variables that come into play, such as store size and location, demographics and competition, as well as your background, your ability and your staff, that figuring an “average profit” is next to impossible.


What are the Steps to Becoming a Franchisee Partner?

Step 1:Tell us a bit about yourself by completing the form below

Step 2: Let us tell you a bit about SushiFork. We can schedule a call if you want, or would be happy to answer questions by email if you’re the shy type.

Step 3: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. If each of us wants to learn more and we think it might be a good fit, we’ll ask that you fill out a more detailed evaluation form, at which time we’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). These documents are required by the Federal Trade Commission and are standardized among all franchises. If you have a law degree and have taken some speed reading courses, it ought to only take you a few months to get through them. Just kidding….sorta.

Step 4: We’d love to have you come visit us! Nothing beats a face to face, plus we want you to have the SushiFork experience first hand, meet everybody, try all of our wonderful food and just hang out with us.

Step 5: You are so fired up that you are ready to get started! We’ll send you a Franchise Agreement, we both will sign it, you’ll slip us a little cash and then we will all get after it!

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Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises:

California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

If you are a resident of, or wish to acquire a franchise to be operated in one of these states, we will offer you a franchise only after we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.