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Well over a millennium ago fisherman in Asia developed a process to preserve their catch by wrapping it in rice, the origin of what we know today as “sushi.” Over the generations the process evolved, and by the early 1800’s, small “fast casual” sushi restaurants with a quaint, family-type, atmosphere began to offer made-to-order “sushi rolls” to patrons strolling in off the street.

Fast forward to the late 1960s as sushi was introduced to America. Upscale sushi restaurants were opened catering to the wealthy elite as master sushi chefs became highly-paid celebrities. Sushi became expensive and exclusive, while the sushi chefs began to frown upon any deviations from their “creative masterpieces.”

In 2015, three entrepreneurs embarked on a mission to recreate the original sushi experience, but with an American twist. Experts were challenged and empowered to pull together the essence of modern sushi. The result was elegantly simple.

Born was a fast-casual restaurant concept where sushi aficionados could indulge their senses in masterfully prepared cuisine ranging from classic rolls to custom crafted, original rolls; a place where sushi amateurs could boldly explore as many possibilities as their imaginations would allow- even combinations considered taboo;

and, a place where people of all social classes, all ethnicities, young and old, north and south, east and west could dine in comfort or order to go... all at a reasonable price. Sushi came back to its roots. But one very important component was still missing...

Meet our director of operations, greg bossler

As a young boy, Greg’s father would tell him stories of his military service in Japan, where he would cross the railroad tracks in a small town and find a neighborhood sushi restaurant run by a man and his wife.

Without the ceremony of a full service experience as we know it in America today, he was able to enjoy great sushi straight from the chef’s hands. Because of these stories, Greg, a classically-trained sushi chef, often questioned why choices in America had to be limited to either supermarket sushi, or a full service dining experience.

SushiFork of Tulsa - Tulsa Sushi Restaurant

For years, it had been a dream of Greg’s to help create a concept that would allow people to enjoy all of the freshness and creativity of sushi, but more quickly and at a better value. SushiFork has made his dream a reality. Combining good Japanese sensibilities regarding freshness and cleanliness with a straightforward made-to-order system that allows the customer to choose what they want in their roll, SushiFork has brought sushi back where it belongs.