Sushi Fork Of Tulsa - Sushi Restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma - (918) 445-6270 - 8115 S Olympia Ave W #120, Tulsa, OK 74132Sushi has an incredibly mysterious allure to it. How much do you really know about this type of fish, for example? Below are some interesting facts about the dish and the chefs that’ll serve to enlighten you.

It’s not all raw

That’s right. Sushi isn’t all raw, and this may come as a total surprise. Why exactly is it that so many people tend to think that it is? More often than not, it’s mistaken for sashimi, and this kind of fish is consumed raw and uncooked. At some point, the two of them were mixed up, and the misunderstanding began to be recognized as a fact. This would explain why you and many others find yourselves cringing at the mere thought of the dish.

A Decade of Training Needed for Chefs

You’ll need to receive training for ten long years before you’ll be recognized as a legitimate sushi chef. This means you’ll be spending the majority of your time in the kitchen, attempting to master the art of sushi making. It ends up there are quite a few techniques that you’ll need to perfect.

First, you should make a special effort to work on and improve your knife handling skills. Once you’ve been able to successfully master it, you’ll be able to clean and slice the sushi in a manner that’s expected of you. Besides that, you’ll have to learn how to achieve the proper consistency for the rice every time. This is necessary because it’ll affect how the sushi turns out in the end.

Also, the amount of rice and vinegar used for it needs to have the right balance, so the entire dish will come out tasting delicious. Finally, a decade of training will ensure that you know how to correctly roll up sushi each time. Who knew that making decent sushi requires so much work? Clearly, this profession isn’t for the faint of heart.

The Knives are Sharpened Every day

The knives used by chefs to cut sushi are sharpened daily. This may have something to do with the old practice of frequently sharpening samurai swords that were used in ancient Japan. For this reason, it’s safe to say that sushi knives are considerably sharper than most knives used for cooking.

It Doesn’t Last Long

Once it’s been cooked, sushi and its taste won’t last for very long at all. Shortly after it’s been exposed to the air, it’ll take on a strange, sour taste. Unfortunately, this also proves to be the case for sushi that’s been placed in the freezer. This is important to keep in mind if you intend to serve a tray of it for a special event. The last thing you want is for your guests to think they’ve placed a sour lemon in their mouths.

The Proper way to eat This Dish

The correct way of eating sushi is with the hands. Thus, you can leave your chopsticks and forks right where they are. After all, you won’t be needing them.

Maybe you’ve never really given much thought at all to this dish. Maybe you’ve only heard sushi mentioned in passing. Now that you know more about it and its skilled chefs, you can let the rest of the world know about them, too.

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