SushiFork of Tulsa has an amazing selection of high-quality sushi made from only the best of the best quality ingredients. We offer a true taste of Japan without having to leave your hometown. Whether you are going on a first date, preparing for a big lunch meeting, or simply having a small family dinner out, SushiFork of Tulsa is the place to go. We offer a varied menu and a really fun and unique take on the the tradition of sushi-making. Our modern and distinctive atmosphere creates the perfect place for taking some time to relax and truly enjoy your meal.


Let your creative juices flow with our #youpickweroll sushi rolls. You take the lead in designing your own custom sushi while we prepare it fresh for you. Whether you like your rolls super spicy, totally fish-forward, or completely vegetarian, the choice is yours. We have more than 40 different possible ingredients and yummy sauces at your disposal, making the combinations endless.

For those of our customers who aren’t quite ready to make bold pairings on their own yet or who perhaps love the tried-and-true sushi rolls, we have a menu that offers sixteen different kinds of more traditional fare. These rolls range anywhere from the standard California roll to our Hot Mess spicy crab–there really is something for everyone on the menu!

Sushi Burritos

When a basic roll just isn’t enough, we offer new sushi burritos for those who are up to the challenge. Sushi burritos are the lovechild of traditional Japanese cuisine with the portability and size of Mexican burritos. Our sushi burritos are hearty while still keeping the freshness that is so often associated with Japanese cuisine. These are definitely fan-favorites and can certainly up your Instagram game. Our spicy food lovers should be sure to ask about the Dante’s Challenge Sushi Burrito – it packs a big punch!

Even the most picky eaters will be able to find something to fall in love with on our menu as we offer salads, wraps, soups, and even tuna nachos. Speaking of picky eaters, don’t leave your kids behind! They will love our kid’s menu that is loaded with kid-friendly options.

SushiFork of Tulsa Catering

SushiFork now offers catering for your party, personal event, or meeting. Instead of having boring sandwiches or pizza for the thousandth time, imagine your co-workers’ sheer joy and utter surprise when they see fresh sushi on Monday afternoon instead. Our catering accommodates a wide variety of tastes, allergies, and dietary restrictions, so be sure to ask about your options when scheduling us for your next big event.

Our goal at SushiFork of Tulsa is to offer the best possible experience for you and those who are close to you. We believe in using high-quality ingredients, fun and different methods of preparation, and unique twists on traditional food. Whether it is your first time trying sushi or you are a seasoned veteran, we guarantee that we have something for you that you have never before tried before.

If you are a local Texas resident don’t forget to stop by our new location – SushiFork of Dallas!

SushiFork of Tulsa