In recent years, sushi has become a very popular food item in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Although many people eat sushi because they enjoy the flavors and textures, this mostly raw food also offers a range of health benefits.

SushiFork’s Wide Variety Of Menu Items

At SushiFork of Tulsa, you will have the opportunity to dine on the freshest sushi in the Tulsa area. Expertly prepared tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, crab, eel and other fresh foods at Sushifork are always impeccably fresh and creatively presented.

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You can create your own sushi roll from 8 handcrafted pieces.

  • Choose your roll
  • Choose your protein
  • Choose your fillings
  • Choose  your toppings

View SushiFork’s full menu here. You can be assured that your choice of meal at SushiFork of Tulsa will always be of high quality.

Health Benefits of Sushi

In today’s health-conscious world, many people are actively trying to maintain healthy, yet satisfying diets and sushi is increasingly becoming their food of choice.

Because the sushi served at SushiFork of Tulsa is so fresh and tasty, you may not realize that this food contains so many health benefits. Most sushi is low in calories and high in vitamin D, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

The Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in the fish in sushi contain a form of cholesterol that helps to control and eliminate bad cholesterol. The sushi helps to increase a person’s metabolism and maintain hormonal balance, as well improve the overall circulation and red blood cell count.

Not only is the fish or seafood used in sushi healthful, but the nori seaweed wrapper that holds the ingredients contains a multitude of vitamins and is rich in iodine. The sushi rice is low in fat and is a good source of carbohydrates. Even the ginger and wasabi that are often served with sushi contain antioxidant compounds that help to keep free radicals in the body in balance.

Serving Sushi At Special Events in Tulsa

Sushi always makes a good impression when it is served at any type of special event or occasion. With its elegant appearance and vibrant flavor, sushi is a crowd favorite wherever it is served.

At gatherings of all sizes, sushi is now a preferred catering item for people of all ages. It is now common practice for Tulsa area residents to have their parties and other events catered by SushiFork of Tulsa.

Along with their favorite beverages, guests at these events really enjoy eating items such as spicy tuna and custom sushi rolls. An ideal situation can be achieved when a combination of sushi and other items is served. If you are interested in catering. please call SushiFork at (918) 445-6270.

Social Atmosphere at SushiFork of Tulsa

A sushi restaurant such as SushiFork of Tulsa is a wonderful place to bring a date for a special meal. With healthy and delightful foods being served in a pleasant atmosphere, guests can enjoy the superb service that the staff members provide.

At business lunches in the Tulsa area these days, guests regularly order sushi in place of foods such as pizza and burgers.

For the finest sushi experience in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, be sure to join your friends and family at SushiFork of Tulsa for lunch or dinner, where you will consistently find delicious food, attractive surroundings and excellent customer service.

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